Sphinx-embroidery design.

At some point you may need this amazing sphinx symbol as an embroidery design! Here it is!

Sphinx as a symbol:
What’s the symbolic meaning of the sphinx? In Egypt, the sphinx was viewed as a protector and a benevolent guardian. The combination of the lion’s body and the human head is interpreted as symbolic of strength and intelligence. In Greece, the sphinx was symbolic of mystery, enigma and brutality.
Sphinx-embroidery design

Sphinx-embroidery design

Although most of us associated the Sphinx with Egyptian mythology, she was present in Greek mythology, as well. The Sphinx has its roots in Ancient Greece in Anatolia, in fact, and since archaeologists know that both the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Egyptians encountered each other in matters of trade, it makes sense that both cultures would have similar creatures, such as the Sphinx, in their lore.

Facts About the Sphinx

The sphinx, like many creatures in Greek mythology, was a mix of two creatures. In this case, the sphinx showed the head of a woman but the body of a lion. Despite her animal body, however, she was considered to be mostly a woman.  Her other features include the tail of a serpent, the wings of an eagle, and she also was depicted as having long hair. 

The Greek mythology states that Sphinx used to live in Ancient Thebes. She would spread bad luck and destruction to the whole district. Part of the reason for this was that there was an ancient crime that Thebes had committed. Therefore, the monster came to Ancient Thebes to punish the people for that crime. 

Here’s more information about this creature: Sphinx

Stitches: 24482
Size: 3.93 x 3.31 ” (99.9 x 84.2 mm)
Begin: 1.70, 1.64 ”
End: 0.65, 0.27 ”
Start needle: 1
Colors: 6/6 , Stops: 5

Machine embroidery formats:

dst, exp, hus, m1, new, sew, vip, xxx

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