Orange Chrysanthemum-embroidery design

Orange Chrysanthemum-embroidery design

Orange Chrysanthemum-embroidery design


Do you know the meanings of chrysanthemums?
The word chrysanthemum comes from Ancient Greece. Its etymological meaning comes from the words “chrys”, which means “gold” and from “anthemion”, which means “flower” in ancient Greek. Therefore, the literal translation of chrysanthemum is “golden flower”.
Currently, there are around 30 species of chrysanthemum. It is one of the most cultivated flowers in the world. Its popularity has grown to the point that it is considered the true queen of autumn flowers. According to Feng shui, they attract laughter and joy. In floral language Chrysanthemums mean joy, perfection and eternity. But, depending on their colour, they can mean many things. Keep this in mind when you are giving these flowers:
  • Pink chrysanthemum: Symbolises the fragility of a romantic relationship
  • White chrysanthemum: Deep pain due to a relationship breakup
  • Orange chrysanthemum: Feeling of delicate love
  • Blue chrysanthemum: The love is over and the person has gotten over the pain caused by the breakup
  • Yellow chrysanthemum: Rejected love
  • Violet chrysanthemum: Unbearable pain at the thought of losing a loved one
  • Red chrysanthemum: Declaration of passionate love

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Stitches: 9604

Size: 75.0 x 78.3 mm (2.95 x 3.08 “)

Start needle: 1

Colors: 4/4 , Stops: 3

Machine embroidery formats:

exp, new, hus, pes, sew

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