Morning Glory-embroidery design

Morning Glory-embroidery design

Morning Glory-embroidery design

Stitched on silk, this delicate depiction of morning glories by Sue Strom looks splendid surrounded by a soft green background and an antique gold and green frame.

• 40cm x 112cm (16in x 44in) • Anchor Stranded Cotton:cream dupion silk or Thai silk 1 skein each of mauve (118),

• 40cm x 112cm (16in x 44in) pink (1021)dress-weight batiste or

• No 24 and 18-22fine lawn for lining the chenille needles back of the embroidery

• No 5-10 milliner’s

• DMC Stranded Embroidery (straw) needles Cotton: 1 skein each of medium

• Machine-sewing cotton:
blue violet (340), avocado green 1 reel of ecru for tacking (469), dark pine green (3362),

• 2B pencil very light antique mauve (3743)

• 60cm (24in) tapestry

• DMC Broder Medici Crewel frame or 25cm (lOin) Wool: 1 skein each of embroidery hoop 8027, 8332, 8333, 8405,

• Tracing paper 8412, 8413, 8414, 8417

• Fine black felt pen


13.5 cm (5 1/8 in) diameter


Couching, buttonhole stitch, French knot, long and short stitch, outline stitch, rope stitch, satin stitch, split backstitch, straight stitch


Cut a piece of silk 40cm down the selvedge of the fabric by 40cm across the width. Cut a piece of batiste the same size, making sure both pieces of fabric have been cut on the straight of grain. To do this, a thread can be pulled both horizontally and vertically and the fabric cut along the lines formed. Trace the design from the pattern sheet onto the tracing paper with the fine black felt pen. Place the traced design under the silk fabric, positioning it so that it is square and also in the centre. A centre point is marked on your design. Trace the design onto the fabric using the 2B pencil. To keep the lines light and accurate, the pencil should be sharp. Do not trace over any markings other than the design outline. If you have trouble seeing the design lines,a lightbox can be used, or the design taped to a sunlit window or a glass-topped coffee table with a light beneath it.

Download full discription with charts  for Morning Glory-embroidery design:


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